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Born in the only year to date that England has won the World Cup in 1966,  Andrew grew up in North London and has since settled in the rural area of Hertfordshire.

Brought up on his mother’s favourite 60’s music and the legendary ‘Blue Eyes’ himself – Sinatra.  He has always listened to a variety of music and in his opinion LOUD is best!  He has often been told to turn it down - as a teenager by his parents and now as often by his wife and children.

Andrew feels he is lucky to appreciate and enjoy most types of music, from Rock to Country and Jazz to Folk.  His particular favourite style which he enjoys singing and performing is SWING.  From the likes of the Rat Pack and Bobby Darrin (in particular) to more recently Michael Buble, Tony Hadley and Russel Watson who have brought the music back into vogue.

The Album ‘This Point In Time’ came about after his wife gave Andrew the opportunity to record a CD for fun as a birthday present.  Last year he had many good comments from this StarDay Session that he has had some tuition and has made those vocal cords work after practicing no end of scales.  Most of the Album captures that Swing era.  Plus a mixture of newer tracks to include songs from Robbie Williams, Extreme & Elvis to show his versatility.

The album also includes a few duets with a friend of the family Gayle Fraser. Gayle has been a professional singer for many years, working in various musical styles ranging from Folk to “Show” Bands. Gayle's soulful voice has brought an extra quality and professionalism to the CD – Thanks Gayle!